Joseph Wells is a contemporary New Media artist based in Portland, Oregon. With a background in Computer Science and Computer Engineering at PSU, Joseph transferred to PNCA in the Spring of 2015 where he has been studying an Intermedia practice focusing in New Media. Using his knowledge of programming and hardware design, Joseph has been merging procedural programming techniques and software integration into his visual design works. He performs live visuals in Portland’s music scene, and works closely with musicians and performers within a variety of disciplines. His upcoming pursuits involve virtual reality, generative video and sound performance, 3D printing, and abstract hardware hacking.

what they've been up to...


ART HACK DAY, PORTLAND, OR -- contributing artist:interactive installation

SHOW/SHOW, PORTLAND, OR -- contributing artist:sound + light

PORTLAND WINTER LIGHTS FESTIVAL, PORTLAND, OR -- featured artist:interactive installation


VHS WAKE MONTH, PORTLAND, OR -- group performance:motion graphics+live video performance+sound performance

ANIMATE TURANGALILA, PORTLAND, OR -- contributing artist:animation+consultation+generative graphics

MAKER FAIRE PDX, PORTLAND, OR -- group exhibition:fabrication+lead developer+interactive installation

ACTIVATE THE BLOCK, PORTLAND, OR -- contributing artists:projection mapping+motion graphics

VR SCULPTURE GARDEN, PORTLAND, OR -- solo exhibition:virtual reality+interactive installation

CREATIVE MUSIC GUILD, PORTLAND, OR -- group performance:motion graphics+live video performance

BRITE-LITE, PORTLAND, OR -- group exhibition:fabrication+interactive installation

SALT IN THE WATER, PORTLAND, OR -- group exhibition:fabrication+installation+projection mapping

THE WRONG - BIENNALE, PORTLAND, OR -- group exhibition:fabrication+installation

D.U.G. X DISJECTA, PORTLAND, OR -- contributing artist:projection mapping+generative graphics

PAST*PRESENT*FUTURE, PORTLAND, OR -- contributing artist:projectin mapping+generative graphics